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Thursday, May 26, 2011

BookExpo America 2011 meets The Rift Walker

    BookExpo America was an eye opening experience for us. It was our first  BEA and we had always assumed it was for the bookselling industry. Far from it. The advent of blogging and the web has opened the door for so many others to become a part of the event, making if feel very down to earth.
   We hadn’t expected such crowds and enthusiasm at the autograph session either. Our lane was filled and we signed the entire hour! What we loved the most was personally meeting the bloggers who helped spread the word about “The Greyfriar”. Thank you all for the wonderful reviews and your tireless efforts.
   Without a doubt the Prometheus booth had a colorful and dynamic artwork display. The Rift Walker and the slew of other upcoming Pyr covers caught the attention of everyone who walked past the booth. Not to mention they had a very comfy couch! We even signed the remaining books as we lounged. All we needed was a beer in hand and we would have felt right at home.

   It was a great event and we will definitely be adding BEA to our list of conventions for next year.


Artemis Grey said...

So glad you had a great time! And I CAN NOT wait until September!!! :D

Sarah said...

Happy to hear it went well! And ditto to the comment about September~