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Saturday, November 26, 2011

On the Nile with The Rift Walker

The Heart of Adele's Home

Much of The Rift Walker takes place in Egypt, specifically along the Nile River. So we decided to share some historical shots of the area that will give you a flavor of the region. Remember, however, that Equatorian Egypt is more developed industrially in many places, particularly around Cairo, than these paintings and photos from the 19th century will show. But you'll get a sense of what Adele and Greyfriar saw on their long, hot journey up the Nile.

Plus, we just love historical travel shots.

View of Giza across the Nile

More modern Cairo riverfront

Cairo city scene

Landing at Abu Simbel
by David Roberts

Entry to Abu Simbel
by David Roberts

If you've read The Rift Walker, we hope you can imagine Adele and Greyfriar in some of those scenes.