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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Love for The Greyfriar

Check out the new issue of BTSeMag

The Chris McGrath cover still looks good!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Music and Vampire Empire

A Vampire Empire Playlist

A reader, Carol Stucchi Molinari, recently posted on the Facebook page about a song that made her think of Vampire Empire.
Linkin Park New Divide

So we started thinking...

What songs make you think of Greyfriar and Adele or the world of Vampire Empire? Post some suggestions or links here and we'll collect some and present them in a future post!

You can post in comments below or go to the Facebook page.
Vampire Empire Facebook page

Here's one from us. Jupiter from Holst's The Planets. We used it in the book trailer for The Greyfriar. And we used it in our wedding at Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh...so there's a natural connection there.

Maybe it will inspire someone to compose The Greyfriar opera from The Kingmakers!

By the way, here's another awesome music video dedicated to The Greyfriar made by Rosette Doyle

Rosette Doyle's Greyfriar trailer