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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Morlock Ambrosius Free for the Taking. If you dare!

For all those folks looking for a great sword and fantasy hero, with as many dark flaws as heroic gusto, this is the man for you: Morlock Ambrosius. To me, he's the Dark Aragorn, a DĂșnadan, a wanderer who finds trouble whether he wants it or not.

I was a fan of  the fabulous fantasy author, James Enge, even before I became involved with Pyr. The Blood of Ambrose caught my eye on the table and the series is a must read for me now. It harkens me back to my pulp days when I was reading fantasy novels like Conan. Those stores were all self contained. I could read them in any order and I was guaranteed a fun romp with exhilarating adventures. James Enge has adopted a similar style.

Now Pyr is offering a free eBook in honor of publishing their 100th title and to my delight and yours, it's a short story of Morlock! So please take advantage of this great author and fantastic character.



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