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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Comedy is easy, Blogging is hard

We Don't Have That Much to Say!

We've been doing some blogging recently.

Not here though.

At other people's sites. Since the publication of The Greyfriar, we've written a lot of guest blogs at book sites. We've covered subjects such as vampires and steampunk and alternate history and writing as husband and wife. Just this past week, we've been doing a back-and-forth blog with fellow Pyr author Jasper Kent at Babel Clash, sponsored by Borders Books. And we did a "Take 5" article for the really cool sci-fi/pop culture site suvudu.com.

The take home message is -- blogging is hard. At least, saying something interesting in an interesting way is hard. It gives us great admiration for those people who blog frequently in a professional, thoughtful manner. Whew! Who's got time?!

Take Jasper Kent, our blog partner at Babel Clash...the guy shoots out tightly organized and well-reasoned articles about real topics on very short notice. Impressive. While it takes us forever to type up some glib chitchat about choking Peter Cushing. Maybe we just suffer from a bad case of "who in the world wants to hear what we think about anything?" And there is something to be said for that attitude; it keeps us from spouting off about every issue that crosses our minds just because we have access to a keyboard and the internet.

Still, there are so many people out there putting out fantastic blogs with great information and intriguing opinions. They keep up a killer schedule, posting new content with a speed that would by the envy of 24-hour news networks. They must be really fast typists, in addition to being very strong thinkers. We admire people who can wrangle their ideas into a creative presentation...frequently and on short notice.

We can spend an hour arguing about where to go for lunch. And still not come to a conclusion.

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Nanci Byers said...

I feel the same way. Great blogs out there--not sure who wants to read my stuff. But one of my intentions for 2011 is to post more frequently. I would like to post on my blog once a week. We shall see how that goes...