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Friday, December 31, 2010

Be Ormon

He's on the tv, so you can trust him.

One of our closest and scariest friends, Ormon Grimsby, host of the wildly popular Monster Creature Feature, is having a contest. If you win, you get a book. (It's not The Greyfriar, although we should get a give-away going with Ormon.) It's Bride of the Reaper by Charles Romalotti.

But the best part is, the contest allows (in fact, requires) YOU to be like Ormon. He has a super cool Ormon Grimsby mask online. Download. Print. Wear. Then take a picture of yourself in weird, interesting places wearing your very own Ormon mask.

And if you've never seen Monster Creature Feature on the television or the interwebs, do so.

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