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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Signing at Flyleaf Books

We had a great time at the signing on Friday night! Despite the fact that both Clay and I were recovering from colds and our voices were still not quite up to par, the reading went off without a hitch. Our husky voices probably only contributed to the menace of the villains!

Flyleaf Books made us feel very welcomed, and its venue is so large for an intimate space. The folks who came out to see us enjoyed the event, and there were even some unique questions about the world of Vampire Empire. Luckily we had the answers. Also, there were new faces in the crowd, which heartened us that the book is indeed finding a following out there thanks to the buzz on the Internet. To our delight, even the steampunk community was represented! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us!


Amanda M said...

I just finished "The Greyfriar" and am so disappointed that this was just released: I was online immediately to order the last two in the trilogy. How aggravating that I will have to wait for later installments!

Such beautiful descriptions, intense emotion and a hero to break the heart. Well done, both of you and thank you for providing lovers of both vampire fiction and steampunk an exciting world in which to encounter both.

Most sincerely,
~Amanda (fellow North Carolinian and cat lover)

Clay and Susan said...

Thank you, Amanda.

Sorry you'll have to wait for Books 2 & 3, but hopefully they'll be worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Great start on your Vampire Empire. Wonderful worldbuilding. I enjoyed it very much.

Clay and Susan said...


Thanks very much. Glad you saw The Greyfriar. Good to hear from you.

Elisabeth said...

I read "The Greyfriar" summary and the first chapters on the blog: Pyrsamples, and I really loved.
Do you think of the possibility of a French version of the trilogy?

Greetings from France,

Clay and Susan Griffith said...


Thanks for the comment. We certainly hope there will be a French edition, although there is no French publisher as of yet. The book has attracted overseas interest and we're hoping for many foreign publishers!

Elisabeth said...

I hope so too :)
Thank you very much for your reply,
I wish you very beautiful Holiday Season.