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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quatermain delayed

Now set for Spring 2011 Release.

We were disappointed to hear Bluewater Comics had decided to delay the publication of our Quatermain graphic novel, originally scheduled to ship this week, until early/mid 2011. Bluewater hopes to have new graphic novel distribution lines set up by then, which will give the book greater exposure.

We were mainly disappointed that comics fans are going to have to wait to see Patricio Carbajal's fantastic artwork.

But you won't have to wait too long...our issue of Vincent Price Presents will be out in December. More on that later.

Meanwhile, check out Pat's blog.


montsamu said...

Grr. Well, it gives me more time to recover from holiday gift buying to save up. Definitely please keep me posted! -Sam

Ed Catto said...

Looks like a fun series. I just saw the blurb for issue #4 in the new Previews. How did I miss this? I'll keep an eye out.

Clay Griffith said...

Thanks, Ed. Honestly, I've lost track of that series. I'm really proud of the script and the original pencil art by Pat Carbajal was beautiful, but we finished our part years ago. Not sure what the status of production is now. It would be nice to see it come out!