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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Vampire Empire delivered mysteriously through the aether

This woman is no doubt enjoying The Greyfriar, which is now available on Kindle. This is our first ebook, and it's pretty cool. Of course, Clay is still a paper book guy. The internet is great for research, but for just flat-out reading, he hasn't made the turn to ebooks yet. Susan has. She owns an ebook reader and is much more forward thinking. It is pretty nice to have your books available on your phone or e-reader or laptop, if you don't happen to have your copy in your bag.
Greyfriar Kindle edition


BethScharwath said...

just finished it on my kindle reader.
WOW! Well done!!!! Hurry up on the next one!!!

Clay and Susan said...

Thanks. Mid-2011 is the plan for Book 2.

David Hankerson said...

I've read about your book and noticed it featured on a table in B&N. I loved what I've sampled so far but will it be available in ePub? I've mentioned it on the nook fanpage and I would guess that there will be a number of us looking forward to it in ePub.

Clay and Susan said...

We're not sure what the plans are re:Nook or other e-formats. Just Kindle so far. Hopefully it'll be up in other applications soon!