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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Internet is like a party with different groups of your friends

Sometimes they stay in different rooms and don't mix.

The interesting thing about the internet (other than hilarious pictures of talking cats) is all the ways to connect with people. And just like the real world, you make different friends in different places.

For instance, some people follow Vampire Empire through this blog. Others use Goodreads. And even others found us on Facebook. Plus various other ways. We have different numbers of friends or followers or fans on each of those sites. There's likely some cross-over where the same reader comes to this blog, likes the Facebook page, and is a friend on Goodreads, but there are also plenty who don't move between the sites.

There's no great profound revelation here. We were just thinking about making contact with our readers in better ways. We're making plans for cool stuff in conjunction with The Rift Walker coming out in September, and we want to make sure we're reaching everyone with an interest in Vampire Empire.

We hope to launch a new website before the new book comes out, and to continue to update this blog with book info, and general thoughts about writing and pop culture. We would tell anyone who wants more immediate updates and info to go to our Facebook page and hit the Like button:


We want our friends in the kitchen to talk to our friends hanging out by stereo. Mingle.


Anonymous said...

OMG totally out of context when I tell you this but you really need the ebook format for Greyfriar I'm dying here. ( didn't know how else to tell you).

Clay and Susan Griffith said...

There is a Kindle version. Not sure where the publisher is on Nook or Mac app versions yet. Stay tuned!