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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekly Book Chat for "The Greyfriar"

Bitten by Books is discussing our novel “The Greyfriar” at their site this week. Feel free to drop on in and leave a comment. We may be doing the same! If you have any pressing questions about the novel, now’s the time to ask! They also have a few topic questions already posed which will generate some lively conversations.

1.) This book combines several very intriguing elements: vampires, alternate history, action, adventure, and steampunk. Which of these aspects did you enjoy the most in the novel, or is it too difficult to choose?
2.) How do you like Adele as a main character? Would you have made any different decisions than she did?
3.) Would you want to live in Gareth’s kingdom under his protection, or would you rather take your chances with the other human populations in the southern areas, and why?
4.) favorite characters?

And don’t forget to use spoiler alerts for those who may not have read the book yet and experienced some of the secrets for themselves!

We look forward to hearing what everyone thinks.

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