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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Places of Vampire Empire

Princess Adele's Home -- Alexandria

From time to time, we want to show you some of the images that inspired aspects of The Greyfriar and the entire Vampire Empire series. In addition to our own travels, we studied a lot of old photos and engravings, and poured over 19th century travel books, to get a sense of how Victorian cities looked and felt. Fortunately, the Victorians loved cameras and most of them couldn't wait to write books about their travels.

We'll start with some images of Alexandria, Egypt, the capital of the Equatorian Empire. These photos are from the late 19th or early 20th centuries. They aren't intended to depict the city exactly as it would appear in The Greyfriar, but they give a sense of that wonderful old city during the Victorian Era, which was the starting point for the Alexandria of our book.


Elisabeth said...

I like old pictures, this post is really interesting! I started reading the book, and this will help me to visualize the locations, thanks.

Clay & Susan said...

Thanks. We'll be posting more soon, from London, Edinburgh, and other places.

Elisabeth said...

You're welcome!
Ah! thank you for the info, I've seen old postcards and photos of 19th century of London but never for Edinburgh.