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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vincent Price Presents

Patricio Carbajal!

Are you kidding me! How good is this art!?!

This is the splash page from our upcoming issue of Vincent Price Presents from Bluewater Comics. It's not colored, but it's so good we almost wish the book was black and white. The artist is Patricio Carbajal and he is fantastic! Holy Cow! Even we want to read this...and we wrote it!

Sometimes in comics you get to work with artists who thrill you. They make your scripts better than you thought they could be.

So good, Pat!


RICHARD said...

Issue #25 of this series is the only issue I can honestly say I really enjoyed. IT WAS A FRIGGIN' MASTERPIECE!! I have been buying the book more or less out of brand name loyalty and didnt really love what I was buying. It was just "meh" up to this point for me. Until this issue. The creative team here needs to be the permanent one. This shouldve been the first issue of Vincent Price Presents--it made an impact!! The writing (being a one issue origin story tale) could have been a little more decompressed, but I get what they are doing. One issue to make an impact! What an impact that was made! The art is extraordinary. Vincent Price and Herbert Lom...its like watching a movie. Lets have other genre favorties sparring with the Rave Lee, Lugosi, Cushing, Karloff--bring em. Keep the artists, and these writers made the book an event. Chain them to their desks and get to work!

Clay and Susan said...

Thanks Richard. We agree about Pat Carbajal's artwork...it is a FRIGGIN' MASTERPIECE. We are doing more Vincent Price stories about The Raven. Pat is drawing AND writing one about the Templars. And we're writing one about Dracula (based on Pat's plot). We would love to have more famous movie figures guest star, but sadly, we only have the rights to Vincent's likeness.

pat said...

Hi Guys!
Richard, Thank you so much for your kind words and for buying the comic!
Thank you Clay and Susan for your support and for being great writers!
working on Vincent VS Dracula now!