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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PYR Opens Its Doors Wider

PYR Books Now Accepts Unagented Manuscripts.

Congratulations to Lou Anders, Executive Editor at PYR, for opening the doors of his prestigious science fiction/fantasy house to writers without agents. Since the beginning of time, one of the highest hurdles for upcoming professional fiction writers is the fact that so many major publishers won't review submissions if they don't come through a literary agent. So PYR's decision means that more writers have a chance to get their manuscripts in front of the eyes of professional editors.

PYR may find some gems among the tons of rock that will pour over the transom. And for some writers, even if their work is rejected, perhaps a nice word from a PRY editor will spur them to keep working or may even help them get the attention of an agent.

And the best part is, as we mentioned to Lou, maybe now we can find a suitable home for our well-thumbed first manuscript, which we kept secret from our agent. It's a 500,000-word epic fantasy that combines Lord of the Rings with Remembrance of Things Past, but with kittens. It's called The Whiskeriad (vol. 1). Oddly enough, it's still unsold! Are you listening, Rene at PYR!

Please consult PYR's Guidelines www.pyrsf.com before submitting your masterpiece (although it can't match The Whiskeriad).

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