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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Came From Beneath the Sea...Again

It rises!

We started writing this book in summer 2007. Now, it's coming out. That's how the comic business works sometimes.

Congratulations to Chris Noeth, Todd Tennant, and letterer extraordinaire, Nikki Foxrobot, who did a lot to save the project.

The graphic novel got a terrific review on Ain't It Cool News. Being constant readers of AICN, we were surprised and delighted to see the book reviewed there.

Here's a couple of quotes:

"Clay and Susan do a great job of capturing the tone of those old films where science was wonky and quips were lobbed back and forth like hand grenades."

"Everything about this story screams old school and if you're a fan of the way movies used to be, then you have to pick up this homage to the classics."

"Though films such as IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA are often made these days, it's apparent with the creators behind this comic book sequel that there is love and respect for the original that can't be duplicated in today's Hollywood."

Those words mean a lot. We are old movie buffs. Clay particularly is a Ray Harryhausen fanatic. This project was very important to us, and we are extremely proud of the script. We are thrilled it is finally coming out in June, and that it's being appreciated for what it is -- a loving homage to Ray Harryhausen's creativity and imagination, but with our own peculiar twist.

Hope everyone reads it and enjoys it.

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