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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Honor or Love

Following your duty or your heart?

The Royal Wedding got us thinking about Adele, and how her life as a princess isn't such a fairy tale. With a world on the brink of war, she is torn between duty (marrying a stranger to win an alliance) and true love (running away with the man she cares deeply about).

Does she give up her kingdom or her lover?

We're running a little poll, both here and at our Facebook page.

How would you handle this dilemma? What should Adele do?


Tanya1224 said...

Geez...I would have her run away with her love the Greyfriar. I couldn't bear for them to not be together but then where would the story go? That is why I could never be a writer :) I'm sure you have great plans for Adele and the story still ends brilliantly with both honor and love both winning.

mary said...

I enjoyed this book and recommended it to my friends and they loved it too. I would choose love in the end for Adele and Grey. I'm sure they will be going through a lot and in the end....they earned it. Books are my escape and I love to see the trial and triumphs. Thanks for this awesome book!!

Lisa said...

Geez I think you stacked the deck- The Senator is so creepy-gross what a bombastic knucklehead (Is there a steampunk version of Fox News?). So if Adelle chooses honor,she has to marry that?? Is it really honor if you dishonor your true feelings?