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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Radio is Hard...

...but at least we didn't have to wear make-up.

We were on The State of Things (WUNC 91.5FM) today. It was an interesting experience. We've done interviews before, as well as panel appearances at conventions, but when there's a microphone in front of your face and that red light goes on, and an incredibly smooth, professional host starts talking in a well-modulated radio voice, you begin to realize just how unprepared you are for communication media.

Frank Stasio is a gracious host and an excellent interviewer, thanks to his natural curiosity and intellect, as well as a very well prepared staff. We did our best to answer his questions. Even though we were talking about our own book, it can be hard to dig up just the right answer at the right time. Add to that the natural hesitation in the voice, the "ums" and "ahs" and "you knows" that fill everyday conversation (but not professional radio chatter), as well as Susan's tendency to ramble when nervous and Clay's tendency resort to saturation bombing with sarcasm...and you could have a perfect storm of radio disaster.

But disaster was averted. We did fine, as far as we can tell anyway. And it was actually fun once it got started. The host was great and enormously helpful to the nonprofessionals.

Now we can do it again without fewer nerves and less uncertainty.

Listen to Clay and Susan on The State of Things

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The Matt Who Is said...

Clay! Heard the interview on the radio. Very nice. Vampire Empire sounds exactly the speed for me and my friends. I'm genuinely excited.

(This is the Matt who used to work at the NCSU Library, btw)