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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DragonCon 2010

It was a blast!

Here we are signing ARCs of The Greyfriar: Vampire Empire Book 1 at the Pyr Books booth. They were free! And man, they went fast!

The folks from Pyr -- Lou, Jill, and Rene -- were professional and personal. We loved all of them. It was also great to meet our fellow Pyr authors like Sam Sykes, James Enge, Jon Sprunk, Andrew Mayer, Mike Resnick, Erin Hoffman, and Ari Marmell. The Pyr panel was jam packed and a lot of fun. We felt like we were part of the Marvel Bullpen during the high Silver Age!

The buzz on The Greyfriar was fantastic. Everywhere we went, people told us they couldn't wait for the book or had already pre-ordered it. Thanks to everyone out there for supporting the book!

And more, we heard a constant stream of praise for Pyr Books and our editor Lou Anders. Authors who had published multiple books with other houses treated us like gold because we were associated with Pyr and with Lou. It was pretty impressive to witness the respect for Lou and the label he's helped build among everyone in the genre. We felt honored to be a part of Pyr.

Oh, and we met this guy.


June said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! I've seen some pics from the Con -- was that you as Pimpin' Darth Vader? Or were you Luigi from Super Mario Brothers? It was hard to tell with the dark lighting.

Rene Sears said...

I had such a great time with you guys. So very nice to meet you & get to spend time with you. Very much looking forward to reading the book.

David Alastair Hayden said...

You guys are awesome. C and I had a lot of fun selling books, packing boxes, and chatting with you both. Looking forward to reading the book, though I'm going to have to wait my turn.

Clay Griffith said...

Rene & David, we enjoyed meeting you guys and your friends. It was our favorite convention of all time! June, I was dressed as an exhausted and slightly inebriated writer. Wait, that's how I am normally. I was dressed as Sailor Mercury.