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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Political Power: Nelson Mandela

Here's the cover of our upcoming bio comic on Nelson Mandela. It's part of Bluewater's Political Power series. We were thrilled to write this book. Clay is a professor of African history, and the opportunity to teach a new audience about Mandela's importance as one of the great political/social figures of the 20th century is a great opportunity and, although it may sound corny, an honor.

Capturing such a man in a 22-page comic is also a sizable challenge! Obviously, we couldn't cover every event in his 91+ years of life, so we had to find a significant narrative thread and follow it from boyhood to the present. We're very happy with the story we came up with.

Art by the marvelously talented Pablo Martinena.
On sale February 2010.

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